Logistics provider for your E-commerce

E-log Service supports online retailers in their logistics by offering solutions tailored to their needs.

Warehouse of E-Log Service SRL, logistics provider for your E-commerce

E-log Service simplifies and optimises your logistics flows

Warehouse storage, handling, delivery, cash on delivery COD, reverse logistic and much more for your E-commerce business.

E-log Service is a logistics provider that optimises your supply chain end-to-end. Our company is located in the 3 borders region: Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. We take care of your logistics process from A to Z: receiving, stock management, order preparation and/or customisation, delivery and reverse logistic. Benefit from a tailor-made logistics solution and our operational know-how and spend more time on your core business.

10 years of experience

More than 10 years of experience in E-commerce logistics

Flexibility and reactivity

Flexibility and responsiveness in processes

Human customer support

Human, expert and available customer support

Strategic location

Strategic geographical location

E-commerce logistics outsourced

Boost your logistics

Faster distribution

Faster distribution

All orders received before 11am are shipped the same day.


International within reach

Strategic geographical position between the three borders of the Benelux.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

We handle your logistics based on your specifications

Storage and handling

Storage and handling

Pay according to your needs with no minimum order

Focus on the essentials of your business

Your logistics become a real growth lever

The importance of a controlled supply chain is often overlooked or underestimated by e-tailers. A bad shopping experience will cause a customer to stop ordering on the website and will become a brake on your growth. Adopt best practices to enhance the customer experience.

  • Tailor-made and optimised logistics solution
  • Efficient management of activity peaks
  • Multiple delivery solutions
  • Reverse logistic
E-Log Service SRL handles the logistics for your company

Let us manage your flows!

Adapted pricing

Appropriate pricing

Depending on your situation, based on the volumes and types of goods we store and distribute.

Supply Chain

Management of the entire supply chain

Made by professionals for excellent customer satisfaction and smooth end-to-end logistics.

Customizable specifications

Customisable specifications

For the reception of your goods, their storage and the processing of your orders.

Returned goods

Management of returned goods

For your E-commerce. The weakest link in logistics is finally becoming a strong argument for your customers!

Why outsource your logistics

Your company takes its growth to the next level

Remove the brakes on your growth now by opting for optimised and scalable logistics!

Reduction of storage costs

No maintenance of supply chain machines: scanners, software licences, clarks, machines,…
No expensive rents on your end : you will be charged according to your needed volume of storage.

Elimination of administrative operational costs

Staff management, recruitment, training, sick leave, adaptation of staff to the seasonality of your products.

Variability of your operational costs

No need to open your own storage site, to purchase your own machines, logistics equipment, etc.

Reduced delivery costs

Take advantage of our partner contracts and volumes operated by all our customers in order to reduce your delivery costs!

Increase the growth of your business

Offer cash on delivery to your customers!

More sales thanks to cash on delivery option

Cash on delivery is advantageous for both the buyer and the seller:

  • Reach out to non-credit card customers
  • Increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers
  • Build trust with the buyer during their first purchases
  • Offer a solution that your competitors do not
  • Immediately available in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands
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Choose cash on delivery

E-Logservice in the heart of Europe

Deliveries in Europe and all over the world!

74% of our shipments go to the BENELUX and Germany, 20% to Europe and 6% to the rest of the world.

Delivery in Europe and all over the world

We work with many carriers (postal networks and specialised delivery companies), enabling us to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have also created our own network of partners: a single point of contact for multiple European destinations.

End-to-end logistics

Outsource reverse logistic

The customer experience is not only related to the good reception of the goods, but also to the management and ease of returns!

  • Simplified procedure
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of return times
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Hand over the management of your returns

Secure warehouse for your E-commerce

Secure warehouse

Our service providers

We work with a total of 9 delivery companies. Depending on our customer’s wishes or needs, we always have a suitable solution for them. We have also developed a network of partners that we offer to our customers who wish to expand to other countries and benefit from the local delivery time and cost.

Our E-commerce connectors

We can set up an IT gateway between our stock management software and your e-commerce site or your commercial management. This avoids the need for manual input for greater security and responsiveness.


What do customers say about E-log Service?

"We were looking for a specialist returns management partner to handle all our returns from the marketplaces. Thanks to E-log Service, we now have a local address for returns in every country we ship to. Today, they consolidate all our returns from one address, which has greatly facilitated and streamlined our logistics."
Logistic Manager @ Destroy Pop

"It was difficult to find a reliable partner offering cash on delivery in several countries. E-log Service has enabled us to offer this interesting payment method which sets us apart from our competitors. The fast processing of payments twice a week optimises the financial flow and growth of our company."
Marzena LECKA
Business Development Manager @ E-com Solutions Europe

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