Tradiditonal distribution

Once your orders are picked, we handle shipment to the private or business customer.

In order for your parcels to be shipped in the best possible conditions and for their delivery to take place expeditiously, E-logservice undertakes to select the most suitable carrier for you, whether it involves a home delivery or delivery to pick-up points.

Our annual goods volume enables us to choose among our carriers with the most suitable services at the lowest cost.


Cash on delivery distribution

We also offer a cash with order service where the recipient pays the goods in cash or by bankcard (if pick-up from a “point poste” – i.e. a pick-up point with postal facilities) upon delivery. Your goods are paid and you are guaranteed to receive the funds without having to resort to complex collection procedures.

E-logservice collects the amount due and transfers it to your account quickly and securely.


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