Optimise your supply chain with our smart fulfillment service!

We receive, store and dispatch your goods to the final recipients. You keep your freedom, peace of mind and time to focus on sales.

Reception of goods

Receipt of goods

Physical inventory, packaging, product verification.

Storage and warehousing

Storage and warehousing

Don’t worry about your storage space, even if it varies.

Handling and delivery

Handling and delivery

Don’t worry about anything until the last kilometre! Your packages are tracked and delivered.

Returned goods

Goods reverse logistic

We manage your customer’s returns, regardless of the product.

The end-to-end supply chain

Rely on our expertise and skills to organise your entire supply chain efficiently.

We take care of your logistics process from A to Z : reception, stock management, preparation and customisation, delivery and reverse logistic. Free yourself from the constraints related to the distribution of your products and focus your efforts on your business.

Outsource your supply chain and optimise your time for other projects

Is your online shop growing, active on marketplaces and daily orders are increasing? This can have a significant impact on the time available for innovation, new products, customer service, marketing or finding new partners.

We take care of your entire shipping process and returns for you. Deliver to us all your products directly from your suppliers and we will take care of the inventory, storage, repackaging, shipping and return management according to your return policy.

No additional administration thanks to our connection technologies to your eCommerce (e.g. Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify and many others). Whether you sell from a marketplace, directly online or via social networks, the products go from our warehouses to your end users with all the benefits that this entails.

Don’t wait any longer! Our mission? Organise your supply chain in order to avoid all forms of logistical obstacles for your E-commerce. Has an order been placed? We take care of everything!

Extend your supply chain with E-Log Service SRL

Split & Go, your goods leave immediately!

Benefit from the Cross-docking and reduce your costs

Cross-docking is a method of logistics management in which goods are moved directly from the unloading dock to the departure dock.
E-log Service receives consolidated shipments from its customers. On arrival, these shipments are deconsolidated, labelled if necessary and placed directly in the shipping area.

  • No storage costs
  • No picking fees
  • No stock management
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E-Log Service SRL handles the logistics for your company

Freedom and growth for your business

Cash on delivery (COD) is beneficial for both the company offering it and the consumers.

  • Optimise your flows thanks to our expertise and reduce your logistics costs
  • Managed last minute orders to shorten your delivery times
  • Focus on your core business
  • Reverse logistic
Freedom and growth for your business

Benefits of outsourcing your supply chain

Free yourself from cumbersome and time-consuming operations

We take care of the reception of your goods from your suppliers, draw up the inventory, check the quality of the goods and their conformity, store them, prepare the orders for your site and send them to your customers.

Free yourself from administrative burdens

Receipt slips, inventories, various documents, customs duties, etc. We take care of everything according to your company’s specific requirements. Staff management, recruitment, training, sick leave, adapting the workforce to the seasonality of your products… All of this becomes a thing of the past for you.

Reduce costs and expand your delivery areas

Offer multi-country delivery and benefit from our economies of scale on transport to the last mile thanks to our numerous partners and collaborators at your service.
Logistical costs will also be reduced:
  • Storage according to your needs,
  • Take advantage of our group purchases of packaging for several customers,
  • No maintenance of supply chain machines: scanners, software licenses, clarks, machines,..

Benefit from our expertise

All our consultants and partners are experts in logistics and e-commerce. Avoid the pitfalls by entrusting us with this part of your logistics by making us a partner with high added value. Every growth-oriented company, large or small, has unique requirements. We offer an intelligent solution that streamlines the entire logistics process.

Outsource your supply chain

Standards, yes, but customised

The standards set by the GAFAMs have significantly changed customer habits and expectations. With increasingly demanding return policies and ever shorter and cheaper delivery times, it is difficult for small e-tailers to compete with major online distributor.
Indeed, more and more technical expertise is needed to satisfy an online customer. Whether it is for the management or the implementation of the processes of online sales platforms.

Reverse logistic

Returns are often E-tailer’s biggest flaw, but thanks to the services we provide it can become your biggest strength !

Access to services and options that are difficult to access when you are alone

Cash on Delivery or COD service, connection of your E-commerce to marketplaces, reverse logistic, traceability of your products, product insurance etc. All these aspects and services are immediately available to your customers when working with us.

Outsource your supply chain
Outsource your logistics flow

Why hire E-log services for the outsourcing of your logistics flow ?

Contactable and accessible

In order to guarantee your promises to your customers, we are always available and ready to listen to you for a smooth and transparent communication.


Flexibility is our greatest quality. Unlike many logistics service providers who ask the customer to adapt to their processes, we have opted to draw up flexible and customised specifications.

Customer support that cares about your success

Without you, we do not exist : your growth means our growth. By making us your partner, not only do we guarantee you long-term support but also provide you with an increasingly demanding quality service.

Experts to support you

Our expert logistics consultants will advise you on both technical and strategic issues beyond logistics to make your E-commerce a success.

Putting people at the centre of technology

Although the trend is towards automation and robotisation, we make it our mission to keep people at the heart of our operations to better meet our customers’ expectations and avoid the frustrations associated with automated responses, referrals to outdated documentation and all the other inconveniences that create bad customer experiences.

Develop your E-commerce with E-log Service

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