Offer cash on delivery to your customers

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment method for physical stores and e-commerce where cash is collected upon delivery of the goods. The amount due is then sent via bank transfer to the sender.

Have you considered offering cash on delivery as a payment method?

What are the benefits of the cash on delivery?

Benefits for the trader

More flexibility

Allow your customers to pay upon delivery in 5 European countries and boost your e-commerce sales while maximising consumer confidence by giving them access to your products without a credit card.

Many recipients do not have a credit card (1 in 2 on average), COD is the solution to satisfy all recipients without exception.

Increase in the conversion rate

Build customer confidence by offering cash on delivery (COD) as an alternative to traditional debit and credit card payments.

The proportion of cash on delivery payments is steadily increasing. In the age of digital payment methods, many customers still want to pay for their orders in cash. The “cash on delivery” service is therefore the appropriate solution.

No risk of non-payment

The cash on delivery service avoids any form of unpaid orders as payment is made upon delivery. More flexibility for greater peace of mind.

Cash on delivery

Benefits for the consumer

Assurance of merchant authenticity

The recipient pays for the order upon delivery. Interest in this payment method is growing considerably among consumers as it provides a considerable sense of security.

More payment options

Flexibility and quality of service. Two key words that the cash on delivery service offers in addition to traditional debit or credit payment methods.

More data security

The cash on delivery service does not request any banking data from consumers. No risk of fraudulent use of online banking data.

Guaranteed availability of the product without advance payment

A cash on delivery order is immediately validated and delivered. This service avoids any form of stock shortage between the placing of an order and its validation, as can be the case with a SEPA transfer. The cash on delivery service generates a firm and definitive order, so the consumer can buy without the risk of the product being out of stock.

Delivery process with cash on delivery

When do you receive payment for customer orders?

The amount collected from the consignee is returned to the sender in accordance with the carrier’s terms and conditions.

In the event of cash payment by the recipient, the carrier makes a transfer to the recipient’s bank account at the times specified in the contract with E-log Service. Most of our contracts provide for payment every week. There are limitations on transaction amounts. The maximum amounts allowed also depend on the GTCs of each carrier.

In which countries can we offer cash on delivery?

For other countries, please consult us

Different countries supported for cash on delivery (Europe)

How much does cash on delivery cost?

The cost depends on several factors (volume of shipment, carrier concerned, country of destination). It can be a percentage of the value of the goods shipped or based on a flat rate.

Cash on delivery

What happens if the customer refuses payment or does not have the money on him when the delivery person is at home?

The carrier will make one or two delivery attempts (depending on the GTC and the destination). As the goods are only delivered in exchange for payment at the time of delivery, the parcel will be returned to the sender in the event of refusal by the recipient.

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